Micro-Current Technology

Micro-Current Technology

A self-introduction:

I am from the "USA Bio-Therapeutic Computers" family, but I only use the memory system of computers to deliver signals to the cellular level of the human body that produces something called a "Biological Chemical" effect. I specialize in beauty services that help to improve numerous skil problems; this makes me a "money making tool" for beauty professionals. I can also reduce pain and injuries for patients who are in pain management for sport injuries.

Why do I possess a "miracle effect"? In order to explain this mystery, I have to briefly tell you about the human body. Our body is just like a complex computer system that mainly users "electricity" (micro-currents) to function. For example, the heart, brain and muscle use impulses or "electricity" to function. The mystery is simple. I simulate the heart pulsing (frequency) as micro0currents penetrate quietly into a muscle's cell through the skin's layers. By the uses of "under human perception signals", I can non-invasively stimulate the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) level flow into the cells which is the basis for human cells to function. Under this phenomenon, the biological chemical effects are repairing both aging and injured cell, improving circulation and metabolism. There is an increased absorption of nutrnts and transportation of waste producs, reinforcement of the skin and muscle's elasticity, relaxation of muscles, neutralization of lactic acid produced by the muscle, and pain management, etc.

I have many advantages; I consume only a minimal amount of power and I only require a 9v or 1.5v dry battery. After I am fully charged, I can work continuously for 80-100 hours.

Moreover, LivingWater is my best partner. Even though we have been designed in a different shape; together, we can offer this unique service to humans to meet their goal of "perfect beauty" in a healthy society. I hope my new generation of Micro-Current Computers can enable everyone to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.