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Bio-Therapeutic Computers (Worldwide)

Customers can find Bio-Therapeutic Beauty equipment worldwide with country distributors in Canada, United States, South America, Russia, United Kingdom and Asia.

Bio-Therapeutic Computers Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Dr. Tam Tat Chee, the President and CEO of Bio-Therapeutic Computers (Hong Kong) established the company in 1987. The Company has now established itself as a leader in distributing advanced beauty equipment to Asia.

Bio-Therapeutic Computers (Hong Kong) has sold thousands of Micro Current Computers all over Asia. With more than two decades of excellence in both the beauty and bio-medical profession, we guarantee you that Bio-Therapeutic Computers will provide you with the best training, consultation advice and after sales service available. Our clientele includes many well known beauty centers such as Physical, Erno Laszlo, Aveda, Orlane, Borghese, Oasis, SaSa Beauty, Marie France, Bella, as well as many individual beauty salons and slimming centers throughout Asia.

Bio-Therapeutic Computers Ltd. (Hong Kong) has been invited to join events such as the 1990 Beijing XI Asian Games, for Pain and Injury consultations. In January 1994, the Radiotherapy Department of Tuen Mun Hospital, Hong Kong, invited Bio-Therapeutic Computers, Ltd. to attend the 10th International Society of Radiation and Radiology Technology (ISSRT) annual meeting held in Singapore for a breakthrough treatment of cancer patients in post-radiation rehabilitation with Micro Current Therapy. Beside endorsements from various athletes and physiotherapy associations, Bio-Therapetic Computers, Ltd. has also participated in the Cancer Post-radiation Rehabilitation Program with Tuen Mun Hospital under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority in 1992-1993. Over one hundred cancer patients have been treated with the Micro Current system (supplied free of charge by Bio-Therapeutic Computers Ltd. for the purpose of research), to reduce pain, myalgia, fibrosis and trismus in patients. The marked results were exceptional and the patients did not report and side effects from the treaments.