The bt-micro® provides a powerful combination of ultrasonic and microcurrent technology for exfoliation, ionization and desincrustation

The bt-micro® has four service modes, with a mode that allow for a high or low setting. Low is for sensitive skin, high is for normal skin. 

EXFOL           Ultrasonic action only

SERUM         Ultrasonic combined with Microcurrent

                        ** Appropriate for serums, and ampoules

CREAM         Ultrasonic combined with Microcurrent

                        **Appropriate for cream penetration, last step

CLEAR          Ultrasonic combined with Microcurrent

** Appropriate for desincrustation and decongesting prior to extractions

Ultrasonic Technology

The bt-micro® EXFOL Mode works with ultrasonic technology in high speed oscillations (up to 26,000 Hz) with the flat metal peeling probe kept at a 45 degree angle, using upward strokes on the skin. Using the bt-micro® in upward motions the flat metal peeling probe allows for a thorough, effortless, non-invasive exfoliation.

Ultrasound / Ultrasonic frequency is measured in cycles per second or megahertz (MHz). Most skin care ultrasonic technology operates in a range of 18,000- 20,000 Hz cycles per second. The bt-micro® uses as much as 26,000 Hz.

The conversion of energy to ultrasonic occurs through a scientific principle called the piezoelectric effect.  This is when an electrical charge is delivered to the crystals located within the device, create mechanical pressure and causing the crystals to vibrate and produce sound waves. This vibration is captured on the flat metal edge with rapid oscillations.


With ultrasonic technology, the rapid oscillations create what is called cavitation.  Cavitation is when a water-soluble molecule is imploded onto the skin, which acts as a pressure washer for the skin. Additionally, cavitation creates a temporary separation of the stratum corneum from the stratum granulosum. This separation allows for more intercellular space for a product to penetrate into the skin.


Microcurrent is a low level of electrical current that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical impulses. Microcurrent can be used for a variety of purposes for the skin and has been found to increase collagen and elastin production. Additionally, microcurrent stimulates ATP (adenosine Triphosphate), which is the body’s bio catalysis for all cellular energy such as DNA replication, oxygenation/respiration to the cell, muscle movement and neurotransmission. Studies show that by using microcurrent we can increase ATP by 300% to 500%, which ultimately increases fibroblast activity, which in turn, increases other cellular processes such as glycosaminoglycans.

Additionally, microcurrent historically has outperformed other modalities for iontophoresis and desincrustation by working with the body’s own natural levels of electrical current. With Bio-Therapeutics’ proprietary levels of the current and frequency, we have found an increase of product penetration by as much as 65 % as compared to just applying product directly onto the skin, where we typically see between 10% and 15 % depending upon the product and delivery systems within the ingredients.

What does this mean when using the bt-micro®?

  • Ultrasonic helps to break up particles in the product for better penetration
  • Cavitation acts to exfoliate the skin
  • When ultrasonic and microcurrent are combined, we get a better delivery and absorption of product into the skin, as they work together for better penetration of water soluble product
  • It is VERY simple to use
  • Can be used in or out of the treatment room
  • Can be used in any facial
  • Fashionable and forward looking
  • Can be used on any skin type
  • Gentle enough to use everyday
  • Works with a variety of water soluble products
  • Award winning device range within the bt-GEAR® family
  • Excellent for value conscious clients