Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What benefits do Bio-Therapeutic Technology offer?

A: Bio-Therapeutic technology offers a number of cosmetic and health related benefits. Besides wrinkle reduction, scar/stretch mark reduction and muscle toning, it also improves lymphatic drainage, pigmentation disorders and dermatology disorders. By focusing on these important areas, they are able to take years off a client's face and increase the healing potential of the human body. Canada, United States, South America, Russia, United Kingdom and Asia.

Q: Does Bio-Therapeutic sell only microcurrent machines?

A: Bio-Therapeutic distributes many different models of cosmetic microcurrent, slimming equipment and microdermabrasion equipment to meet the needs of every professional. They have the only FDA certified microcurrent equipment that has true dual channel technology, as well as the innovative and world famous Electric Gloves, which allow hands-on use and precise touch. They are also completely computerized and automated for simple and convenient use.

Q: There are other companies that sell beauty machines with similar technology. Why choose Bio-Therapeutic?

A: What distinguishes Bio-Therapeutic from other manufacturers is its major emphasis on education for spa and salon professionals and consumers. All equipment is accompanied by mandatory comprehensive training and certification. The company offers comprehensive training classes, through training manuals and videos available for skin care and salon professionals as well as providing highly qualified educational staff who are readily available to answer questions.